Antique 1930's American Quilt

Antique 1930's American Quilt


A cheerful red, cream and floral vintage  hand stitched American quilt in excellent condition.

In the late 1800's, the European Arts and Crafts movement began to influence American sensibility. A return to simpler, less ornate architecture and home furnishing encouraged Americans to scour attics and trunks for family heirlooms that could be repurposed for modern use. Hand stitched antique depression era quilts symbolized the back to basics necessity of quilting in the 1930's that combined creativity, utilitarianism, and the need to mind financial limitations.

The cheerful, optimistic colors and patterns of quilts hand sewn in the 1930's mirror the optimism of the women sewing them. Although made from scraps and leftover bits, every stitch conveyed the message that beauty and function are not mutually exclusive. 


64" W x 80" L

100% Cotton

Machine wash on hand wash cycle. Tumble dry no heat.

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