Berti Italian Tomato Knives

Berti Italian Tomato Knives

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A serrated edge allows the knife to penetrate tomato skin quickly and with minimum of pressure while preserving the flesh.

Amid rolling hills of verdant forests, Berti’s artisans hone their craft using minimal machinery in a small 1,500-square-foot workshop, after stringent eight-year apprenticeships. Made by hand in Italy since 1895, tradition and history inspire the Berti family to deliver the finest cutlery in the world. Each Berti knife has been produced by completely by the hand of a single craftsman. Using centuries old techniques, the same artisan who starts each piece, finishes it.

People who demand the best and who understand the value of hand-made craftsmanship will discover joy and interest in owning a knife crafted to last and a quality to be passed down from one generation to another. 


Hand wash with mild detergent. Dry thoroughly.

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