Cut Resistant Glove & Mandolin Set

Cut Resistant Glove & Mandolin Set


Not long ago, only professionals chefs had the courage to use the large guillotine-like contraption to achieve perfect slices.

Optimal for slicing paper thin potato, zucchini ribbons, carrot coins, apples, pears, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, eggplant slices, etc.

An inexpensive alternative for the home cook is now available. While this version does not come with blades for julienning and waffle cutting fruit and vegetables, it does make light and deliver professional-like results for most everyday recipes. 

SAFETY FIRST. Do not even consider buying this version without a steel cut resistant glove that is used EVERY time something is sliced on it. It just is not worth a trip to the ER. While the handheld mandolin comes with a hand guard, the guard makes a mess of tomatoes and other foods by poking a bunch of little wholes into them to secure the food before it passes over the sharp blade.

A blade safe glove (only need one) keeps all fingers safe even while slicing something as small as a clove of garlic.

The HONEYCRISP AND MANCHEGO SALAD  and the TRUFFLE POTATO GRATIN are easy to make with the help of this glove & mandolin combo. Do give it a go!

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