Spencer Peterman Hand Carved Black Walnut Wooden Bowls

Spencer Peterman Hand Carved Black Walnut Wooden Bowls

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Made from fallen walnut trees deep in the woods of Western Massachusetts, these handmade wooden bowls are strikingly unique.

Each lathe turned bowl has variations in size, color, and texture. The personality of each bowl is dependent on the initial moss and dirt covered trunks and the stage of decomposition of that wood on the forest floor before it is harvested. 

Treated with beeswax and mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out, all bowls are food safe. 

The TUSCAN KALE WITH TRUFFLE HONEY, PECORINO & PINE NUTS is the perfect salad to toss in this exquisite vessel and carry to the table. 


Hand wash bowls with mild soap and water. Dry off with a towel. Do not place in dishwasher or submerge in water. From time to time, apply mineral oil to maintain the natural color of the wood.

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