Match Pewter Convivio Salad Plate 8.5" D

Match Pewter Convivio Salad Plate 8.5" D


The pewter stamp and rim dress this plate up without turning it into something that should be reserved for formal occasions.

The Match Pewter Convivio Salad Plate is functional and beautiful. The porcelain center provides a lovely white canvas that showcases the contrasts, garnishes, colors, and textures of the plated dish. The  GRILLED PEACH SALAD with BURRATA CHEESE, BRASEOLA & PISTACHIOS looks divine on the generously sized 8.5" Match Convivio Salad Plate. 

Convivio Bread Plate
7.1" D

Convivio Salad/Dessert Plate
8.5" D

Convivio Dinner Plate
11" D

Convivio Buffet Plate
12.2" D

Hand washing recommended. Dishwasher safe. Occasionally polish pewter rims with CAPE COD METAL POLISHING CLOTHS.

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