Match Pewter Toscana Frame Collection

Match Pewter Toscana Frame Collection

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Beautiful pewter frames for cherished memories in eight different sizes. 

An elegantly thin edge with raised beaded border, the Match pewter Toscana frame collection looks as if inspired by the frames displaying  masterpieces in museums around the world. Whether a snapshot or formal portrait, the Toscana frames will classically display treasured memories.


Toscana Square Small
2.5" H x 2.5" W x 2.5" L

Toscana Square Medium
5.9" H x 5.9" W x 5.9" L

Toscana Square Large
5.3" H x 5.3" W x 5.3" L

Toscana Round Small
2.4" D

Toscana Rectangle Small
2.2" W x 3.5" H

Toscana Rectangle Medium
4" W x 6" H

Toscana Rectangle Large
5" W x 7" H

Toscana Rectangle Extra Large
6.2" W x 8.8" H 

Occasionally polish with CAPE COD METAL POLISHING CLOTHS.

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