Staub Small Round Black Matte Cocotte 1.5 QT

Staub Small Round Black Matte Cocotte 1.5 QT


A stovetop and oven to table heavy formal cast iron pan designed for generations of use.

A beautiful cocotte with a number of size options, there is Staub round cocotte to meet the needs of every chef. From single servings of breakfast oatmeal, to SWEET POTATO SOUFFLE, to doubled portions of ALL AMERICAN CHILI, to BUTTERNUT MASCARPONE AND ROSEMARY RISOTTO  the Staub round cocotte is a cook's dream vehicle that can go from stovetop or oven directly to the table.

Staub cookware, a long-time favorite of professional chefs, boasts a signature black matte enamel interior that provides superior searing and caramelization capabilities with the benefit of easy clean up. The gorgeous finish is extremely durable and chip resistant.

The self-basting system of the lid of the Staub round cocottes is designed to create a rainfall-like effect to maintain moisture and continuously and evenly baste the food inside the vessel. 

Since 1974, Staub has combined traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to produce a professional line of cast iron cookware that creates superior results in home and restaurant kitchens.

For over 2000 years, cast iron cooking pots been valued for their durability and their heat retention capacity. A strong carbon-containing iron alloy, cast iron remains one of the best materials for retaining heat, releasing it again slowly and distributing it evenly.

Cast iron also keeps things cold. Freezing cast iron before serving helps to keep cold plates cold for a longer period of time.


Dishwasher and oven safe to 750 degrees F. Hand washing with mild detergent followed by thorough drying prolongs the beauty of the product.

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