At the heart of Weston Table, you will find a place connected by extraordinary experiences, personal memories, and cherished traditions. We seek to provide beautiful online entertainment driven by a passion to share the best we have encountered near and far. Our core values drive us to follow our passions—they almost always bring us right back where we started — at Weston Table surrounded by friends and family.

Maya Angelou notes that "in diversity there is beauty and there is strength". We are committed to supporting businesses in America and abroad that seek to nourish, celebrate, and strengthen all communities.

"Many different flowers make a bouquet."


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My life's journey began in Big Sky country. Rivers, mountains, valleys, wildflowers, and a seemingly endless sky provide a landscape for life that makes it easy to understand why the Treasure State is referred to as the "Last Best Place."

In August of 1985, I moved to Texas to begin college and discovered a whole new way of living and eating. The glacier capped Rocky Mountain backdrop of my childhood had been traded for Texas Hill Country and miles of bluebonnets in spring. It was during those four years at university that I discovered avocados, chilies, beans, tequila, and tortillas. I ate Thai food and sushi for the first time. I still craved rainbow trout, huckleberries, and Rainier cherries, but through new tastes, my curiosity about the world grew. From there I drove the two thousand miles to Boston where I ate my first lobster, learned to shuck oysters, and met my husband, Tim. Twenty-five years later, settled into our home in Weston, Massachusetts (12 miles from Boston), my life revolves around five children, friends, and a hungry husband that inspire me to find ways to surprise and delight all of them. With a creative soul, a can do spirit, a love of all things in nature, and good timing, I founded Weston Table. This is an online place to gather ideas, inspire and aspire to do as Concord native Thoreau prompted and "suck out all the marrow of life."

Every spring three thousand tulips and a smattering of hyacinth and daffodils in our backyard lure people to the windows of our home. Spring is the only time of year I serve Sunday brunch and worry little about the weather forecast--April showers are most welcome. I love watching friends and family quietly peer through the paned glass windows to inspect the color popping up here and there while the squirrels attempt to eat the bird seed but inevitably tumble to the ground with nothing to show for their diligent efforts except bruised noggins. 

Warmer weather invites visitors to enjoy our summer gardens—forty apple tree espaliers, hydrangea, foxglove, delphinium, peach and pear trees, and all the color New England summer musters. Somehow being outdoors allows people to slow down, linger and celebrate a bit longer.

In autumn, guests are reminded to dress down and bring a fleece as a roaring outdoor fire encourages after dinner out-of-doors storytelling with a bottled beer or wine glass in tow. The clear skies are magnificent and city dwellers wonder at the closeness of the night time constellations in our home twenty-five minutes from the center of bustling Boston.

Gatherings are smaller in winter, more intimate, and most often enjoyed in our library surrounded by 18-foot floor to ceiling bookshelves with more than twelve hundred titles. The fire roars and champagne pours. Cookbooks, pulp fiction, literature, poetry, history, travel, and children’s stories spark conversation and something magical transpires when people inspect the books on our shelves. It seems everyone has a connection to someone, or something, between the pages of a book.

An open mind and a family just as eager to explore the world as I am, keeps my search going for new experiences in the kitchen, in the garden, and in my travels. Panicking for a moment on a 1995 trip to Dublin, Ireland, I thought I may have missed the opportunity to see the world before The Gap and Starbucks took over every beautiful street in Europe. 

The reward of my approach is a collective journey with people who share their personal stories, celebrate life, pass on wisdom, and create community around really good food together. For this reason, I continue to seek inspiration from my own backyard, my kitchen, books, friends and travels, and to share them with you. Cheers! Dianne


My passion for photography was born when I bought my first DSLR camera to bring on a solo trip to Croatia. It became my travel companion and there was rarely a moment it wasn’t in my hands. The opportunity to capture a moment, whether it’s a candid moment capturing my friends from a distance, a beautifully plated meal, or a product that enhances an at home experience is one in which I take great pleasure. Dorothy Lange put it best when she said, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” I strive to live a life committed to beauty, authenticity, and hard work. 

My first overseas adventure as a teenager ignited a passion for travel. Navigating foreign cities and towns with family, friends, and often by myself, presented a chance encounter with Dianne during a gap year I spent in Europe. A discussion over a glass of wine regarding my favorite London restaurants led to an opportunity to begin building my life and Weston Table into a reflection of my passion for travel, cooking, and photography. 

In September 2014 I returned stateside, settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I enjoy exploring the rich culture of my own backyard and living a life filled with friends and family and work that I love. There is always a bottle of wine and a meal in the pantry to share with the unexpected, yet most welcome visitor. 


Traveling has always been my heart's desire. In the summer of 2016, I packed two suitcases, an English to Arabic dictionary, and a journal and headed off to Morocco for  a summer of adventure and learning. I studied in Morocco for six weeks. While an unbelievably short amount of time, the learning that occurred is immeasurable. Alone and barely equipped to articulate the nation’s language, I became to understand the kind of person I truly am, the values that I treasure, as well as the things in life that bring me true happiness and joy: hospitality, friendship, family, a connection to a higher power, compassion, and love -- these are the things that matter to me most.

While in Morocco, I was forced to cook and provide for myself for the first time in my adult life. I may not have always been successful, I certainly tried. I developed a love for clean and fresh ingredients, fruits, and vegetables, vibrant spices, and freshly squeezed orange juice the likes you can only imagine. The hallmark of my journey in the kitchen while in Morocco, was a lamb tagine that I made for our very last Iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan). After just a few minutes, the earthenware Maghrebi dish was completely empty and the bellies of my friends were full. I was overjoyed. Or as they say in Arabic, السعيدة (alsaeida), meaning happy.

Weston Table has given me the chance to explore my newfound love of travel, quality food and cooking and for that, I am grateful. In addition to cooking, I also love to run, sing a Capella, and conduct research. As I think of the future, I aspire to live a life fulfilled by love, compassion, and gratitude for myself and those around me. I hope to be able to bring people together with these values, my voice, and a delicious meal.