Maison Pébeyre Truffle Gift Set

Maison Pébeyre Truffle Gift Set


A sophisticated collection for the truffle connoisseur, the Maison Pébeyre Truffle Gift Set is produced in a small village in southwestern France and delivered in a handsome wooden box.

The Pébeyre Black Truffle Oil is a unique blend of mild sunflower oil and shaved black truffles.

Sprinkle the truffle salt flavored with shaved black truffles on popcorn, or try this distinctively flavored hand harvested finishing salt to add depth of flavor to any plate. A crunchy texture that dissolves quickly, this earthy, reportedly aphrodisiac funghi enhanced salt adds a nutty, woodsy flavor to popcorn, steak, risotto, root vegetables, eggs, pasta and risotto.

Opening the truffle honey jar, the earthy smell of truffles immediately wafts into the air. Use this Maison Pébeyre Truffle Honey to make Tuscan Kale with Truffle Honey & Pine Nuts and enjoy culinary quality at its finest. 

Made in France

Black Truffle Oil
8.3 Ounces

Black Truffle Salt
7 Ounces

Truffle Honey
8.8 Ounces

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