When the tree leaves begin to turn fiery colors and it's time to don a sweater, it is apple picking season in New England. We love the orchards with the wooden ladders, corn mazes and cider donuts best. Seven people can pick a peck of apples each in under an hour--two if we linger sampling each variety or stop to watch the squirrels quarrel. With abundant bounty, we arrive home and show each other the gems in our bags. Apples store well, so I put them in the crisper of our second refrigerator where they last a month or more. Still, there are apples, apples and more apples! This recipe is simple to make and simply satisfying. Please don't be tempted to add lemon juice, cinnamon or sugar. The subtle flavor combination of a mix of apples is extraordinary all by itself. 

Kitchen Notes
This applesauce keeps for a week in the refrigerator. Stir into oatmeal, spread on buttered toast, serve alongside pork, or dig in with a spoon for a healthy, all natural back -to-basics snack. 

Rosy Pink Applesauce


  • 18 apples, as many varieties as possible (avoid red delicious)


1. Cut the apples in half and remove the seeds and core. Do not peel.

2. Slice the cored apple halves into three or four thick slices and cut each slice into thirds.

3. Place all apples in a slow cooker on low for eight hours. Alternatively, put the apples in a Dutch oven and leave in a 200 degree F oven overnight.

4. Run the apples through a food mill to remove the peels and improve consistency. Serve warm or refrigerate until ready to serve.