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Portuguese Cockles

Cockles are literally the sweet hearts of the shellfish world. Heart-shaped ribbed mollusks, they are prized for their petit, sweet, tender meat. A simple broth backdrop of parsley, garlic, and white wine proved just the right base for sopping up cockle flavored juices. While any dry, white wine may be substituted, a young slightly effervescent Portuguese  crisp, full-bodied, wood-aged white wine from the Vinho Verde region makes this bivalve dish authentic.

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Normandy Mussel Pot

The grand finale of any cycling adventure in Normandy, however, should be a hole-in-the-wall stop for a steaming pot of mussels made with hard cider or apple brandy, crème fraîche, and leeks. Easy to prepare, and a wonderful journey to the coast of Normandy right from home, these delicious mollusks make a quick weeknight supper, a delicious pre dinner small plate, or a lovely addition to a New England clambake.

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