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Icelandic Chocolate Cake

The recipe is simple and like all good food, the quality of the ingredients determines the outcome of the finished cake. Do splurge on the chocolate and the Irish butter. Shhh--only the baker needs to know that this is a melt-in-the-mouth, six ingredient, ten minute to mix cake. 

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Heavenly Angel Cake with Little Devil Frosting

For my son Brady's 10th birthday we travelled to Washington, D.C. He had been dreaming about the flight simulators at the Air & Space Museum. Clearly exceeding his expectations, and such fun, he stood in line three times to enjoy the experience. The first thing he shares with people about our trip to Washington, D.C, however, is not the thrill of piloting the simulator, but his dinner at the recently shuttered Citronelle. Michel Richard was cooking that evening and immediately noticed Brady--probably because their twinkling eyes and dimples are so similar. Chef Richard invited us down to the kitchen to watch his team cook while our meal was being prepared. Before we left he asked Brady what he liked to cook most in the world. Brady thought for a nano second and blurted out, "Heavenly Angel Cake with Little Devil Frosting." Mr. Richard asked Brady to email him the recipe. We did.

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