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Baby Arugula, Parmesan & Cranberry Salad

Simple yet elegant, spicy and sweet, harvested young arugula with petite tender leaves is more mild tasting than its full grown peppery self.  Baby arugula is delicate without being boring. . This is most satisfying when greens are picked locally and seasonally, backyard best, and farm (or garden) to fork is taken to heart.

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Winston Churchill Cocktail

When crowds gather to celebrate the holiday season a festive drink gets the party started. Look at history for inspiration. Winston Churchill fondly noted, "A single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration. The nerves are braced: the imagination is agreeably stirred." Just the kind of mood setting called for to raise spirits and enjoy the company of family and new friend, and old. Churchill's drink of choice, Pol Roger champagne needs little enhancement. A wee bit of Aperol, a festive cranberry garnish, and a splash of sparkling water create a perfect bubbling conversation companion.

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