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Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken with Peanut Sauce & Coconut Rice

Chicken lovers flock to this tangy tart marinade. Coupled with a knock out peanut sauce, this is a dream weeknight dinner that keeps on giving throughout the week. On its own, the sauce is the perfect vehicle for dipping steamed broccoli, carrots, red peppers, and cauliflower. Don't let the long list of ingredients dissuade from making--once made, 1000 times repeated.

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American Cassoulet

In the spirit of rugged American individualism, this flavorful recipe messes with a classic French dish. Relying less on pork parts not easily procured in U.S. supermarkets, store bought confit duck legs, and time saving short cuts, this plate delivers the best combination of traditional French cooking and American free spirited kitchen ingenuity (AKA efficiency)

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