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Morel Mushrooms, Spinach & Eggs

Morels, with their tall hollow elf house like honeycomb exteriors, begin popping up in pastures, orchards and meadows in late spring—one of the few species of mushrooms in the world that is foraged long before the autumnal equinox when most mushroom species are plentiful.

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Morels, Stracciatella & Toast

After a long winter's nap, these meaty morsels are a treat worth hunting for (literally). If pulling on L.L. Bean boots and trekking over to the nearest woodland area or old apple orchard to forage seems ambitious, be ready to shell out some serious cash for the filet mignon of the mushroom world. The morel earns its reputation as a polite, tasteful, and wholly worthy of its price dinner guest that will absolutely be invited back.

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