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The Bender

With nicknames like, Dutch Courage, Strip me Naked, White Satin, Mother's Ruin, and Cuckold's Comfort, it is no wonder the mention of gin conjures up images of less savory experiences. The history of gin includes greedy monarchs, a pairing of hot gin and gingerbread, the British Royal Navy, anti-malarial agents, bootlegging, and old-fashioned romanticizing of the spirit in television shows such as Mad Men & Downton Abbey.

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Spring pea soup with crème fraîche & mint

Frozen peas rock. Picked when perfect and flash frozen, they taste amazing. No other frozen vegetable may be able to boast that nine times out of ten, the frozen version wins the taste test. The color of the soup is a brilliant spring green, but because frozen peas are called for in this recipe, it can be made any time of year.

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Swedish Gravlax

This recipe allows for the chef to find the perfect ratio of salt to sugar curing to please his or her palate. Curing salmon lends itself to experimenting with smoked salts, white, brown, muscovado, demerara, or caster sugar, fennel fronds, and spices such as caraway or coriander seeds (just a few of the many possible variations). This preparation is the perfect jumping off point in learning to appreciate and love Nordic cuisine, while making a luxurious, yet simple and sophisticated plate.

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