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Sake Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass

When a local haunt shutters after nearly twenty years and it was owned by the handsome, generously spirited celebrity chef, Ming Tsai, there is real cause to wonder if a dish that has graced the menu for two decades might really be cooked at home. Ming credits his signature sake miso black cod as one of the dishes that cemented his career. It is this fish that helped catapult this Ivy League graduate with a mechanical engineering degree into a coveted circle of James Beard award-winning best chefs in America status. The consummate teacher, Ming, shares this recipe in his first cookbook, BLUE GINGER.  This recipe veers only from Ming's in that it is simplified by serving without sushi rolls and Ming's soy syrup glaze, but a wasabi potato puree instead. So yummy is this fish it just may become part of the regular family dinner rotation, or at the very least a not soon to be forgotten meal for social gatherings.

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