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Bourbon Maple Syrup & Sea Salt Popcorn

The history of popcorn dates back to the America's more than 5000 years ago. Native Americans ate these airy kernels and in no time colonists adopted the puffy snack and began tweaking the toppings. This recipe is the homemade, finger licking, New England version of Cracker Jack. Sweet and salty and buttery all at once, BOURBON MAPLE SYRUP is the secret weapon for over the top flavor nuance.  The goodness of syrup tapped from Vermont sugar maple trees and then aged for 14 weeks in Kentucky bourbon barrels seeks to provide a euphoric snacking adventure. The popcorn will still be movie worthy if made with syrup straight from the tree--but do consider spiking the syrup with a bit of bourbon whiskey while making the topping--it will burn off during the two minutes on the stove, but a subtle smoky bourbon taste will linger. 

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