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Sun Gold Tomatoes with Burrata, Olive Oil & Basil

Sometimes a craving for tomatoes in February is irresistible . Going against the gut to eat seasonally and pausing in the produce section to admire and remember the taste of summer's glorious sun kissed fruit, the urge for the taste of sunshine may be overwhelming. Hide a box or two of coveted tiny tomatoes under something else in the cart and forgive yourself.  Trial and error proves that the only tomatoes worth even trying out of season are the small, tiny ones. If available, up the ante and serve the tomatoes with burratta's cousin, stracciatella. It will be hard to resist getting a spoon and digging in.

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Nopi Tomatoes with Wasabi, Mascarpone & Pine Nuts

This summery tomato recipe showcases one such splendid pairing--Japanese wasabi and Italian creamy, soft mascarpone. The recipe only works when tomatoes are in season and at their peak of juiciness with just the right combination of sweetness and acidity. Choose as many varieties as possible and serve on an interesting plate for the greatest visual impact. 

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