The Bender


The history of gin includes greedy monarchs, a pairing of hot gin and gingerbread, the British Royal Navy, an anti-malarial agent, bootlegging & bath tubs, and old-fashioned romanticizing of the spirit in television shows such as Mad Men & Downton Abbey.

With nicknames like Dutch Courage, Strip me Naked, White Satin, Mother's Ruin, and Cuckold's Comfort, it is no wonder the mention of gin conjures up images of less savory experiences.  Today's hipster generation embraces artisanal everything and small craft distilled gin is part of a booming international trend to go small and to go local. Modern gin has been tamed. Sustainable distillation, organic ingredients, and less intense juniper flavor have incited a new generation of gin drinkers. This gin cocktail served in LONDON TELEPHONE BOOTH & BIG BEN PIGGY BANKS is a nod to Gin's UK roots. To all the gin skeptics out there--go ahead, throw one of these crisp cocktails back and join the new "Gin Craze". Made with more refined ingredients, it is meant to bend little more than a sipper's spirit inclinations.


1 ounce Leopold's American Small Batch Gin, chilled

3 ounces Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water, chilled

1 lime, cut into 6 wedges

Ice cubes



1. Remove the glass (or other serving vessel) and the gin from the freezer.

2. Pour gin in first. Slowly add the tonic water.

3. Gently squeeze a wedge of the lime over the glass.

4. Fill the glass with ice cubes and lay a lime wedge on top.

serves 1

Bar Notes

Stick to the prescribed mixing order for the best cocktail. Gin is always best served chilled and drunk from chilled drinking vessels. Fever Tree tonic water may be found at most Whole Foods and package stores. Uncle Val's Botanical Gin and Oola gin make for interesting variations.


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