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Caramel & Sea Salt Meringues

The salt delivers a bit of grown up taste to a cookie that is often just too sweet. The size may be adjusted to mimic the Ottolenghi giant meringues for a super sized show stopper, or even made smaller into bite-sized kisses. Stacked one on top of the other in a cellophane bag tied with ribbon, they are a delightful treat to share during the holiday season.

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Tiramisu Alessio

A sexy and sophisticated, yet simple, Italian dessert with multiple, even erotic, histories. Considered an aphrodisiac by Italians from Treviso and dubbed “The Duke’s Soup” by Sienese Italians, there is geographic pride in Tiramisu history.. Serving in glass jam jars or a mish mash collection of recycled glass jars makes this version easy to freeze and serve as semifreddo, a charming frozen mousse-like dessert. This is a pass the spoons and dig in crowd pleasing dessert.

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Emily's Blackberry Sorbet

One of the most wonderful ways to preserve and intensify the flavor of one of nature's most perishable fruits is to make a limited ingredient sorbet. Refreshing with the perfect sweet tart balance and twice as many blackberries as most sorbet recipes, Emily's blackberry sorbet elegantly preserves the fruit in icy dessert form.  

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Mile High Strawberry Pie

Advice from a Strawberry Ilan Shamir

Blossom where you’re planted
Be Tasteful
Drink in the Sunshine
Keep Close to the earth
Savor life’s sweetness
Let good ideas ripen
Jam with your friends!

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Strawberries Romanoff

Since the Brits served strawberries and cream to 200 spectators at the first Wimbledon tennis championship in 1877, the pairing has garnered popularity far beyond Center Court. The strawberry's history, however, is even longer. In the 14th century, the French used strawberries to cure depression. A hundred years later, strawberries were transplanted from forest floors for cultivation all over Europe and the lust for these heart-shaped, juicy, brilliant garnet colored berries has yet to wane. This plate is the American answer to the beloved English tradition. The addition of spices, sugar, and distilled spirits make an elegant early summer, make-in-advance, light dessert.

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Syrian Shortbreads

Lots of butter and sugar and traditional techniques, these Syrian Shortbread cookies are an adaptation of a bit of Ana Sortun’s culinary happily ever after.

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Rustic Lemon Cake

This is a simple cake. A little something that anyone can do and especially appropriate for Mother’s Day when young children wish to make something special for the most important person in their lives. Simplicity can be sublime and it is the sweet addition of spring flowers that take this easy to bake cake to the next level.

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OFYR Grilled Spiced Pineapple

A simple to prepare but intensely flavored plate is like sweet tooth magic.

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Honeycomb Chocolate Cake

What makes this gorgeous, rich chocolate cake so special? A bit of kitchen chemistry and the heart-shaped, scalloped leaves of edible viola flowers.

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Chewy & Flat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hands down this is the best chocolate chip cookie: impressive size, crispy edges and a chewy, gooey center—a trip down memory lane for many who crave their mama's baking. Make sure there is milk in the refrigerator when these babies come out of the oven.

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Almond Jello with Syrupy Cherries

Far from the jiggly, neon colored jello of the 1970's, this cloud colored gelatin dessert shows up on Chinese restaurant Dim Sum carts across America. For those less adventurous ethnic food eaters, this dessert provides the perfect mellow jumping off poin....for those experienced global eaters, hide the spoons--this fruity jello has a way of disappearing without a trace.

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Pastéis de Nata

What do early 19th century Portuguese Monks do when they need to earn a steady income? They learn to bake and sell pastries. And none is so famous as the Pastéis de Nata egg pastry that may be found at nearly every bakery and coffee shop in Lisbon. Crispy on the outside, sweet and creamy on the inside,  the pastel de nata is a local treasure. Hot out of the oven they are at their best.

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Icelandic Chocolate Cake

The recipe is simple and like all good food, the quality of the ingredients determines the outcome of the finished cake. Do splurge on the chocolate and the Irish butter. Shhh--only the baker needs to know that this is a melt-in-the-mouth, six ingredient, ten minute to mix cake. 

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Blueberry Cassis Galette

A specialty of Burgundy, France, crème de cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur made from crushed woodland blackcurrants that are mixed with sugar and left to infuse in a neutral tasting spirit such as vodka. Natural companions, think of blueberries and cassis as the melody and harmony in this not too tart, just sweet enough galette.

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Veronica's Thyme Peanut Chocolate Bark

Taking inspiration from her organic kitchen garden in the verdant Portuguese countryside, Veronica sprinkles organic bittersweet chocolate bark with lemon thyme and hand harvested sea salt. An after dinner treat featuring a delicate texture and gentle saltiness, this is a decadent, grown-up and nostalgic sweet thing.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Hazelnut Crisps

It was only a matter of time before a kitchen goddess figured out how to tame the mouth puckering sourness of rhubarb's celery like stalks. When cooked with strawberries and a bit of sugar, rhubarb is a soul satisfying ruby red spring dessert. Crisps are the rustic, no nonsense cousin of the pie--they take less time to bake and the streusel topping lacks the fussiness of rolling and pinching a perfect crust. Enjoy this vibrant pairing only in spring when strawberries and rhubarb are at there peak.

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Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sour Cherries

These are grown up cookies. Rich and not too sweet, the bittersweet chocolate pairs beautifully with a sparkling summer cava. Sour dried cherries from Michigan, the cherry capital of the world, add a variation in texture and an edgy punch to this chocolate connoisseur's dream cookie. Take the whole cookie up a notch and use to make ice cream sandwiches--it hardly gets better when Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream is smooshed between two of these decadent cookie slabs.  

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Purple Sticky Rice with Toasted Coconut & Mango

A simple satisfying breakfast, or a delightful dessert, the combination of Chinese purple rice, silky coconut cream and sweet, juicy rich mango flesh delivers an easy to prepare Asian inspired dish. So expensive was the chewy, nutty black rice centuries ago, it was reserved for the Emperor and earned the moniker "forbidden rice". Black rice turns a gorgeous aubergine color when cooked and stains the coconut milk violet. The flavors and textures of the mix of fruits and rice are at once sophisticated and pleasantly comforting. 

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Rustic Strawberry Rhubarb Tart

Heart shaped, juicy and sweet when ripe, strawberries are nature's candy. Nearly everyone enjoys this darling of late spring. When paired with one of the garden's tartest companions, strawberry and rhubarb morph into a rosy twosome.

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Lavender Macarons with Honeycomb Buttercream