Oak Village Rocking Horse

Oak Village Rocking Horse


Hand carved from sustainable wood of the Japanese beech tree, this award winning designer rocking horse is crafted to be shared for many generations.

Established in 1974, OAK VILLAGE is a woodcrafts company with an aim to build a sustainable society in which humans and the surrounding environment not only co-exist, but also evolve symbiotically. Our studio is in the woods of Takayama, Japan, where the woodcraft heritage has existed for over 1,300 years.

By applying traditional Japanese woodcraft techniques, Oak Village strives to create products that last as long as possible while minimizing the use of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable materials so that when they are no longer usable in their original form, they may be recycled or returned to the earth.

Created to achieve all-round word-class quality, this modern redesign of the wooden horse¬ features forms, technology, and materials only made possible through Japanese craft. Made from Japanese beech and Japanese cherry birch with qualities that most suite its purpose, this environmentally-conscious product uses sub-standard wood from domestically-grown trees excluded from the usual distribution system. Designed for permanent use, this product is built through highly-skilled traditional Japanese carpentry: the complex configuration of wood joints allow for endless repair.

Handcrafted in Japan

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