Watership Down 40th Anniversary Illustrated Edition

Watership Down 40th Anniversary Illustrated Edition


The first illustrated edition of Richard Adam's celebrated modern classic Watership Down is a must for any serious reader and library.

While the story on the surface is a quest for survival by a brave, easy to love motley band of rabbits, Richard Adams remembers with some pride his own fascination with scary stories at bedtime, “When you’re little, you don’t distinguish between fiction and reality. It’s all reality. And thank goodness for that. I do not believe in talking down to children. Readers like to be upset, excited and bowled over." Watership Down will have children and adults laughing out loud one moment, frightened the next and sobbing uncontrollably within a few pages.

To mark the fortieth anniversary of Watership Down, Mr. Adams personally chose the Italian painter, Aldo Galli, to illustrate the first-ever illustrated edition of the novel. As The Wall Street Journal notes, "Mr. Galli brings a sense of intensified realism to his depictions. Foliage is luxuriantly and impossibly green, and the edges of things—the feathers of birds, the fluff of dandelions—look as sharp as if they were cut from glass."

Hardcover, 476 pages

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