Brooklyn Copper Cookware 3 Quart Rondeau with Lid

Brooklyn Copper Cookware 3 Quart Rondeau with Lid


Heirloom quality, this double ear handled hand forged pot with lid rounds out any cookware set & offers functional & beautiful oven to table serving.

The fit, finish and ergonomics of this cookware are second to none. A natural, darker patina will develop over time. Created with a commitment to sustainable manufacturing and low-environmental impact, each piece of Brooklyn Copper Cookware is heirloom quality and expected to last for hundreds of years. 

Spun from lead, cadmium, and mercury-free 11 gauge copper, and hand-laid with non-reactive pure tin, copper is five times more conductive than cast-iron and twenty-five times more than stainless steel. Such qualities make it the perfect complement for the non-stick properties of tin. 

Please contact us for inquiries on how to customize your own personal set. 

Hand Forged USA

Set Includes:

9.5" Sauté Pan
9.5” D x 2.75" H ( 22" overall W including handle)
3 Quart Capacity

5 Quart Large Rondeau
11” D x 3.25" H (15.5" overall with cast iron easy lift ear handles)

10 Quart Large Casserole 
11" D x 6.5" H (15.5" overall with handles)
11.5" D Flat Lid Cover (fits 5 QT Rondeau & 10 QT Large Casserole)

Additional Pieces Available for the Set:

14 Quart Stock Pot with 10" D Flat Cover LId
9.5" D x 11.5" H

6 Quart Casserole with 10" Flat Cover Lid
9" D x 5" H (14" Overall with Easy Lift Ear Handles)

1 Quart Saucepan with 5.5" D Flat Lid Cover
5” D x 3" H (11" overall with handle)

2 Quart Saucepan with 6.75"D Flat Lid Cover
6.25” D x 4" H (12.25" overall with handle)

3 Quart Saucepan with 7.5" D Flat Lid Cover
7” D x 4.5" H (18.5" overall with handle)

3 Quart Rondeau 
9.5” D x 2.75" H (14" overall with handles)

Hand wash only. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials. Oven safe to 450 degrees F.  Place food in vessel before turning on the flame. To maintain copper brilliance, occasionally polish with Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths.

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