Classic, French & Baker's Hardwood Rolling Pins

Classic, French & Baker's Hardwood Rolling Pins

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Solid bench made construction, these are made from American heartland timber and are workhorse rolling pins that will last a hundred years.

An essential tool in the home kitchen, solid wood construction without pins and rolling handles make for the best pins. From ease of use, to comfort in the hands, a rod, or solid piece of wood, allows even pressure across all types of dough. The French rolling pin turns and flows across the surface easily. The baker's pin is the choice for hours of baking work in the kitchen with the least amount of pressure needed as the slightly larger diameter does more of the work for the baker. The classic pin may be the most beautiful and a bit easier to use for the occasional baker. 

Dotted with small towns and farms, Iowan artisans find themselves still committed today to the pioneering spirit of early settlers who learned their crafts in the old world and brought them to America's heartland two hundred years ago.

Made in Iowa

Classic Rolling Pin, Cherry or Walnut

Strong and heavy, this classic rolling pin design is ideal for the casual home baker. 

18" W x 2.75"D x 2.75" H

French Rolling Pin, Cherry or Walnut

German and French design from the Alsace region of France inspire these tapered rolling pins designed to create delicately rounded and thin pastries. 

18.5" W x 2"D x 2" H

Baker's Rolling Pin, Cherry or Walnut

A slightly thicker and tapered rolling pin to make the distribution of force for rolling out doughs a less strenuous task for the baker.

18" W x 2.5" D x 2.5" H

Hand wash. Dry thoroughly. Do not submerge in water. Occasionally apply a food safe mineral oil to keep the wood from drying out.

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