Murphy Oyster Knives

Murphy Oyster Knives

from 18.00

Since 1850, Murphy Oyster Knives have been recognized globally for their use of superior materials and fine craftsmanship.

The shellfish knives continue the Murphy tradition of crafting celebrated stainless steel goods and exporting quality around the world. The double sided blade of each knife insures the point easily slips between the hinge of even the most tenacious bivalves. Go ahead Learn To Shuck.

Made in Massachusetts

Each Knife 6" L

Wellfleet Shucker
Weighted and contoured to fit perfectly in the hand, this may be the most popular oyster shucker in the marketplace.

New Haven Shucker
This Oyster knife is America's Test Kitchen winner, with value helping to boost its rating.

Narragansett Shucker
An oyster knife designed for comfort and efficiency, while keeping beauty in mind. 

Hand wash with mild detergent. Dry thoroughly. Do not leave submerged in water.

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