Authentic Nantucket Tote Basket

Authentic Nantucket Tote Basket


Designed to fit a bottle of wine from the supermarket, the New York Times Sunday edition, or a bunch of wildflowers from the farmer's market.

This authentic Nantucket Tote Basket is both charm and function. With seventeen years of experience, a Massachusetts native uses traditional tightly woven cane and reed construction, bone buttons, braided leather handles and a cherry wood rim and base. Classically finished and stamped by the artist, this authentic Nantucket basket will be an heirloom piece destined to be passed from one family member to another.

The Massachusetts Wampanoag Indians taught the early settlers of Nantucket how to weave utilitarian baskets out of local materials. Sailors on whaling ships of the early 1800's began to make more refined solid wood base and rattan weavers baskets as a way of passing time during months at sea with materials crew members purchased during journeys to the South Pacific.

As the art of the Nantucket basket evolved, moulds made from cut up ship's masts were employed to make practical vessels for carrying berries, vegetables and mercantile purchases. Sweethearts and wives benefitted from the artisanal sailor hobby and soon a Nantucket basket became a stylish sign of islanders and visitors alike that has endured for two hundred years.

Handmade in Massachusetts, USA

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