Savarin Handmade Wool American Flag

Savarin Handmade Wool American Flag


A work of art, this symbol of pride, quality, and independence is made from sustainably farmed American wool and crafted by hand in Ohio.

A passion to recreate a flag worthy of the principles on which America was founded inspired Andrew Savarin to reignite the heritage American flag making industry. Sourcing the materials in Pennsylvania and manufacturing the flags in Ohio supports American workers and creates a second to none finished product.

Rather than printing or painting each star onto the fabric, each star and stripe is individually stitched together by a skilled artisan. Although time consuming and costly, this process results in a flag with a quality that will last for generations.

The earliest American flags were handmade from wool in the 1700's and used as textile wall art to inspire early colonists to fight  for independence. 

Made in Ohio USA

3' H x 5" W

Indoor use only. Dry clean only.

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