Tartan Tweed Textile Taxidermy Stag with Antlers

Tartan Tweed Textile Taxidermy Stag with Antlers


Striking deer head in stunning mixture of  tweeds, wool, earth colours with tall sika deer antlers. Artisanally made by Carolina van Dyke.

Quirky, intricate, and humorous, her textile art is emotional. This stag is an immediate conversation starter and would enhance any library, living room, cabin or office decor.

Experienced in illustration, fashion, art and design, Carola van Dyke's trademark style originated from having access to only small scraps of vintage fabrics collected over the years and continental fabrics left over from Tiny Tulips collections.

van Dyke combines hand-cut pieces much the way painter mixes color on a palette.

Handmade in England

31" H x 17" D x 8.8" W

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