Fran's Dessert Sauces

Fran's Dessert Sauces


Chocolate, raspberry, and caramel sauces to satisfy all sweet tooths.

Made in Seattle, Washington, USA

Each Sauce 9.6 Ounces (270 Grams)

Pure Raspberry Sauce
A deliciously tart, bright dessert sauce of fresh berries with a touch of lemon. Slice a Heavenly Angle Food Cake into three pieces, drizzle the top of the bottom layer with this magenta colored sauce, add the next layer and drizzle the top of it too. Add the top layer and frost with the devilishly good chocolate whipped cream frosting. Alternatively, fold the sauce into freshly whipped cream and use between the layers and on top of the cake. Either way, this sauce will become addictive.

Classic Caramel Sauce
A temptingly rich sauce of slow-cooked caramel. Use as a dip for apple slices, warm gently and pour over vanilla ice cream, or drizzle over a rustic pear tart. 

Dark Chocolate Sauce
A smooth, spoonable sauce of intense, pure sinful chocolate. This meltingly rich treat may be eaten straight from the jar, but also delicious when coupled with sliced strawberries and raspberries and eaten before, during, or after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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