French Oyster Knife & Leather Hand Protector

French Oyster Knife & Leather Hand Protector


Made in Thiers, France, this professional "La Lancette" oyster knife is designed with a strong steel blade and a rosewood handle.

It is suitable for both left and right hand users. 

Place your left thumb through the hole in the strap just behind the glove.

  • Place the oyster on the glove with the tip of the shell facing towards you.
  • Take the knife in your hand with the blunt side facing you and your fingers holding the blade.
  • Push the tip of the blade into the gap on the side of the oyster.
  • Twist the blade to stretch open the 2 valves of the oyster. Free the muscle and remove the larger valve.
  • Slide the knife under the smaller valve to detach the flesh.


Knife 6 1/2" L

Leather Hand Protector 

Wash knife with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not leave submerged in water.

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