Maison Pébeyre Truffle Honey

Maison Pébeyre Truffle Honey


This French jar of honey is four times the standard two ounce size and delivers an unparalleled truffle experience. Opening the jar, the earthy smell of truffles immediately wafts into the air. 

In a small village of Southwestern France, the family-owned La Maison Pebeyre has earned an international reputation among truffle connoisseurs for its attention to quality in producing fine truffle products.

Since 1897, the Pebeyre family has been perfecting each product and this honey is no exception.  Use this Maison Pébeyre Truffle Honey to make Tuscan Kale with Truffle Honey, Pecorino & Pine Nuts and enjoy culinary quality at its finest. 

Made in France

8.8 Ounces

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