Fredericks & Mae Dartboard and Darts

Fredericks & Mae Dartboard and Darts

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A Brooklyn New York art and design team delivers an ingenious five color silk-screen dartboard with companion maple wood, steel, and feather darts. 

Made from baltic birch and cork, handsome luxury darts, and a keyhole on the back for easy hanging anywhere.

Originating in England during the reign of King Henry the VIII, the game of darts was initially intended to keep archers battle ready. Rain and boredom set in under English skies and the darts were shortened and the game moved indoors. In taverns and pubs across the land, soldiers turned ale and wine barrels on end to use as targets and began testing their throwing skills while tossing back pints. The game has not evolved much and today we still challenge friends to the game in drinking establishments worldwide.

Made in New York

18" x 18" board

Darts (3 per set/2 color options)
8" L 

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