English Myrtlewood Wooden Garden Trugs

English Myrtlewood Wooden Garden Trugs

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These English style flower and vegetable trugs are made one at a time by hand in Oregon.

Pacific Northwest myrtle wood, a unique hardwood with gorgeous color variation, solid copper grommets, and a food safe mineral oil finish create a tough and durable, yet lightweight, garden trug. 

A delightful basket for serving bread or rolls in it, or a particularly thoughtful hostess gift when deliver with a paper wrapped bottle of wine for dinner. At harvest time, or as a stylish basket to carry delicate berries, tomatoes, peas, herbs home from the farmer's market.

Large Trug
19L x 11W x 10H

Small Trug
14L x 7W x 8H


Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Apply a food safe mineral oil from time to time to prevent the wood from drying out.

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