Frederick & Mae Star Domino Set

Frederick & Mae Star Domino Set


The classic pips of the dominoes are replaced by 29 silkscreened stars and an instruction manual that fit neatly in an easily transportable birch box. 

The Brooklyn New York art and design team of Frederick & Mae delivers a hand-painted, elegant domino set. The game can be played according to traditional rules, or with younger kids (or those acting like them) creatively. Stack the pips in unusual ways to build skyscrapers to be knocked down accidentally on purpose.

Although the game is believe to have originated in China during the 12th century, the oldest known domino set was buried in Tutankamen's tomb in 1323 B.C.E.


Tile games of some form have been found from around 1120 AD in China. Chinese dominoes are longer than Western ones and are divided into two types and were originally carved from bone or ivory with the indented pips made of ebony.  Each Chinese tile represents one of the twenty-one different permutations of throwing two cubic dice although there are a total of thirty-two tiles since certain dominoes are duplicated.   A set of Chinese tiles is divided into two categories - Military and Civilian.   The Civilian tiles are the set of tiles that have duplicates while the Military tiles are those that are unique.  A variety of different games were and still are played with these tiles and the much more modern tile game of Mah-Jong evolved from Chinese Dominoes.

The game appeared first in China in in the 14th Century but the first recorded reference in Europe is from Italy where they were played in the courts of Venice and Naples.


8.7” x 3.2” x 2.3” (22.1 cm x 8.1 cm x 5.8 cm)

Materials: baltic birch, cork, ink

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