OFYR Grill

OFYR Grill

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Social cooking made possible with this large gathering fire pit style grill that may be transported from the backyard, to the beach, or to a mountain chalet.

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Cooking Plate
39" D

Fire Cone
10" H x  38" D

Steel Base
29.5" H x - 19.75" W 

Steel Base:

Color Options: Black or Russet

A new way of healthy cooking and grilling outdoors, a cone shaped fire bowl featuring a wide flat platter rim doubles as a high-efficiency cooking surface.

Radiating heat from the center in a perfectly fluid gradient, different foods may be cooked at different temperatures.

The OFYR (pronounced OH-FIRE) is designed for socializing and for bringing people together. The wood-fueled fire bowl emits a cosy circle of warmth making outdoor dining possible even during the winter.

Easy to move around, the three-part modular design may be transported from the home for use at the beach, or at a lakefront or mountain property.

Designed in the Netherlands

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Low maintenance. Simply push leftover grit, oil and food into the fire and wipe with a damp cloth. May remain outdoors uncovered year round.

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