European Wicker Basket Garden Cart

European Wicker Basket Garden Cart


The appearance of traditional woven rattan willow with all the advantages of modern materials, this weatherproof, ultra light garden wagon is a functional visual delight.

Basket making is one of the oldest, most traditional art forms in the world. Woven using high quality synthetic (PE) fibrers, it is weatherproof and resistant to heavy loads, while retaining an authentic appearance. A fastener under each corner makes it easy to attach and remove the basket from the Wagon, enabling you to use the basket on its own, both indoors and out.

The nylon wheels are mounted on dust proof bearings and are suspended by fiberglass shafts and 12 inch pneumatic tires.

Tradewinds is a European craft workshop producing and distributing authentic products for outdoor and garden. The company reshapes widely used and distributed products, to restores  their authentic purpose, and makes them lasting, user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. These positive nostalgics persistently seek the perfect blend between authentic craftsmanship and new technology to achieve unique objects.

Made in Belgium

39” L x 28” W x 28” H (66” L with Handle Extended)

Made from aluminum, polyester and marine plywood, it is rustproof, waterproof & rot proof.


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