Three years ago, I planted my first apple and pear espalier trees. Knowing virtually nothing about pollination and panicking when I listened to an NPR podcast about bee colony collapse disorder, bees were a logical step to my dream of planting a suburban fruit orchard. Fortunate to live in an area in which the bee expert, Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich, decided to found his Best Bees Co. beekeeping service and research organization, learning to care for and maintain a healthy hive of honey bees was as easy as sending an email. The first year, the only decision I made was where to locate the hive. Curious, but still from a distance, I began to watch my hive grow and proudly tasted the honey delivered to my door by Best Bees employees without ever touching a frame. Since the spring of 2013,  I started to read books and articles and ask the professional beekeepers questions. Even with an established colony, the queen must be located and her health evaluated, frames added and honey harvested. My plan is to assume full responsibility for the hive, but each time I think I'm ready, I realize that I don't know quite enough and continue reading....for now the health of my hive remains in the care of Best Bee experts.