American Heirloom Hardwood Maple Cake Stand 10"

American Heirloom Hardwood Maple Cake Stand 10"


An American made, elegantly rustic heirloom quality cake plate sustainably carved from certified hardwood with a gorgeous milky white Corian top. 

A family of artists seeking to create beautiful and functional forms that will celebrate the values of home and community. A commitment in the design process to the integrity of of the finished work insures that generations will enjoy the magic of birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and cake just for cake's sake.

Made in Brooklyn, New York

5.5" H x 10" D

Hand wash only. An occasional application of mineral oil or olive oil will preserve the base  and maintain the natural matte finish. Clean the top with soap and water. Do not submerge the stand in water or put it in the dishwasher.

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