Behring Blackfoot Desert Ironwood Burl & Horsehide Fillet

Behring Blackfoot Desert Ironwood Burl & Horsehide Fillet


The ultimate homage to a successful day at a secret fishing hole, this razor sharp convex grind Behring trout knife is forged from ultra thin 5160 spring steel.

The brass guard is soldered in place above black fiber, brass, copper, premium desert ironwood and horsehide spacers that provide a wonderful contrast to the sambar stag butt that's pinned through the tang with brass. Presented in custom sheath from Warlander Leather.

James Behring began his career apprenticing in Michigan where he spent six years learning the art of and craft of making handmade custom knives. He moved to Montana inspired by its lifestyle opportunities. A consummate recreationist with a passion for his craft, James started Behring Made Knives with a focus on making beautiful, highly functional in the field crafted knives. Recognized for his holistic approach to knife design, utility and craftsmanship, James personally invests in his community with a primary passion for conservation and ecosystem management for the enjoyment and benefit of future generations of recreationists.

Hand Forged Missoula, Montana USA

Blade 6.6.25" L x 12.125" L Overall

High carbon steel will develop a patina if exposed to prolonged moisture or acidic elements. Oil from time to time with food safe mineral oil. Store the knife out of the sheath in a low humidity environment. 

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