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Millions of acres of scenic landscape and a seemingly endless sky, locals fondly refer to the Treasure State as "The Last Best Place". Wide open spaces and natural beauty all around, Montanans are a proud people with great respect for the environment and an abundance of rugged individualism. This is a state embracing both conservative and progressive values. Cowboys,  fly fisherman, hippies, ski bums, and intellectuals all hang together in harmonious cohesion and find community in diverse pursuits.

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Archipelago, Sweden

In such an organized, soft-spoken, well-mannered, and pristine country such as Sweden, it may be hard to imagine a renegade freckled redhead with super-human strength and a monkey for a best friend as the hilariously beloved role model of Swedish children. Since her 1945 debut, Pippi Longstocking has indeed sparked a liberating and lasting influence on the hearts and minds of Swedish people. Sweden boasts a non-spanking, aquavit drinking, long living society who aspires to keep their countrymen as beautiful and serene as the natural landscape surrounding it. 

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