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Tournant Farm to Fire Cooking

Man has played with fire for more than 800,000 years. Taming fire and using it to cook nature’s bounty is what catapulted human intelligence and distinguishes man from other worldly creatures. No longer constrained with the laborious effort of chewing and expending calories to digest raw food, humans were able to move on to other activities such as, well, socializing. Much like our nomadic fire empowered ancestors, Portland-based chefs, Jaret Foster and Mona Johnson, travel the continents and cook primal meals over fire.

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Millions of acres of scenic landscape and a seemingly endless sky, locals fondly refer to the Treasure State as "The Last Best Place". Wide open spaces and natural beauty all around, Montanans are a proud people with great respect for the environment and an abundance of rugged individualism. This is a state embracing both conservative and progressive values. Cowboys,  fly fisherman, hippies, ski bums, and intellectuals all hang together in harmonious cohesion and find community in diverse pursuits.

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