Henkeeping by Jane Eastoe

Henkeeping by Jane Eastoe


Published in Great Britain, Henkeeping is a quick guide to the trendy and fashionable backyard chicken craze.

Chickens are back in style with a vengeance, poultry breeders are quite literally struggling to cope with the increase in demand and gardens resound to the contented cluck of chickens. This trend can be in part explained by the huge demand for organic and locally produced food, after all, what could be more natural than keeping your own chickens and collecting their eggs? A couple of chickens will supply around twelve freshly laid eggs a week for very little effort. Add on to all this the tremendous cachet of being able to give fresh eggs to your friends and you begin to understand the allure - no one keeps chickens out of necessity any more - this is purely for pleasure. Keeping poultry is remarkably easy and having a productive pet can be more satisfying than the more standard cat or dog. Chickens are great enthusiasts, will adore whoever feeds them and come rushing over clucking with delight at the sound of your voice. this beautiful and practical guide advises on all aspects of chicken keeping, from advice on the full range of breeds available, choosing and buying the right chickens for you, to feeding and naming them, and finally housing and caring for them. Illustrated throughout with stunning photography you will find all you need to start and maintain your own chicken run.

Hardcover, 96 pages

5" W x 7.4" H

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