In & Out of the Garden by Sara Midda

In & Out of the Garden by Sara Midda


Sara Midda's richly illustrated book readers and critics alike. Diana Vreeland Praised i as "delightful and delicious," and "pure inspiration."

The most elegant and subtle of books to give and to have, it evokes the English gardens of Sara Midda's childhood, sowing the imagination with glorious images. Dozens and dozens of illustrations and tender reflections recall a hut in the wood, or a topiary maze, a summer day spent podding peas, or an herb patch that yields Biblical fragrances. Ruby-red radishes are the jewels of the underworld. Myriad colors fall upon warm green moss. Painted with Sara Midda's fine brush, it is a book of lasting enchantment.

Hardcover, 128 pages

6.4" W x  8.4" H

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