Faviken by Magnus Nilsson

Faviken by Magnus Nilsson


A must for any serious cookbook collector, Fäviken redefines local, sustainable cooking and fine dining. 

A cookbook from one of the world's most daring chefs. Magnus Nilsson hunts, forages, fishes and farms all but a handful of ingredients on a 24,000 acre farm in northern Sweden in order to present a meal to 16 guests each night. This is a chef written book by a someone who cares deeply for the place in which he lives. Photographs and recipes are part of a story immersed in place, sustainability, and a desire to share an outside the box way of thinking. Rather than a collection of "try this!" recipes, Fäviken seeks to inspire cooks to look in their own backyard (literally) for ingredients and to rethink our engagement with food.

Hardcover, 272 Pages

8.8 " W x 1.2" D x 11.8" H

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