Engraved Beer Stein

Engraved Beer Stein


Inspired by a German original dating back to 1570. This fine specimen depicts all the Saints invoked to protect the Guild itself.

A hinged lid separates a stein from any other beer drinking vessel.

In reaction to the Black Death of the 14th Century that killed more than 25 million Europeans, Germany passed and vigilantly enforced laws requiring that all food and beverage containers be covered to protect consumers against fly contamination. 

It took 300 years, tankards inspired by Renaissance and Baroque designs were soon made from pewter and decorated with shields and historical, allegorical, and biblical scenes. Beer drinking soon became an artistic endeavor and a status symbol. The Black Death, by depleting the population, had created a surplus of food, especially grains. Much of this surplus grain made its way into beer.

The Match Pewter Engraved Beer Stein marries Old World design in all its glory with stunning modern artisanal creativity. 

Made in Italy

21.7" H   
3 Gallons

Hand wash only. Occasionally polish with Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths.

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