Footed Salt Cellar with Spoon

Footed Salt Cellar with Spoon


An appropriate vessel for gourmet salts, a scoop of gelato, or any other time just a bit of this or that passed will provide a burst of flavor.

Distinguishing between the distinctive qualities of the many varieties of gourmet salts and the ways these salts enhance the flavors and finish of food, is fast becoming a gourmand trend. Finishing salts, the premier varieties of specialty salts, are traditionally harvested by hand in near and faraway places around the world. Unique textures, either moist crystals or delicate flakes, provide a strong crunch and dissolve quickly, resulting in a bit of clean, mild flavor. These salts enhance the depth of natural flavors in any dish, and enrich a table setting with beautiful, shimmering presentation, especially when presented at the table in a Match Pewter Footed Salt Cellar.

Made in Italy

2.4" H

Hand wash only. Occasionally polish with Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths.

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