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Our Story


At the heart of Weston Table, you will find a place connected by extraordinary experiences, personal memories, and cherished traditions.

We seek to provide beautiful online entertainment driven by a passion to share the best we have encountered near and far. Our core values drive us to follow our passions—they almost always bring us right back where we started — at Weston Table surrounded by friends and family.

Maya Angelou notes that "in diversity there is beauty and there is strength". We are committed to supporting businesses in America and abroad that seek to nourish, celebrate, and strengthen all communities.


Our Team


dianne O'connoR


My life's journey began in Big Sky country. Rivers, mountains, valleys, wildflowers, and a seemingly endless sky provide a landscape for life that makes it easy to understand why the Treasure State is referred to as the "Last Best Place." In 1985, I traded the Rocky Mountains for Texas Hill country and four years later, moved two thousand miles to Boston. Through these journeys, I still craved the rainbow trout and huckleberries of my youth, but grew satisfied and attached to chilies, beans, tequila, tortillas, lobsters, oysters, and New England clam chowder. Through new landscapes and tastes, my curiosity about the world grew. I met my husband, Tim, and for twenty-five years we have travelled the world, often with five kids in tow. Along the way I have learned that life is far more exhilarating than exhausting, the days long and the years short. Founding Weston Table grew out of a desire to share experiences, and in that sharing discover even more about our sublime planet.


KATE Arnold


My passion for photography was born when I bought my first camera to bring on a solo trip to Croatia. It became my travel companion and there was rarely a moment it wasn’t in my hands. The opportunity to capture a moment, whether it’s a candid moment capturing my friends from a distance, a beautifully plated meal, or a product that enhances an at home experience is one in which I take great pleasure. Dorothy Lange put it best when she said, “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” I strive to live a life committed to beauty, authenticity, and hard work.


Alice obas


Traveling has always been my heart's desire. In the summer of 2016, I packed two suitcases, an English to Arabic dictionary, and a journal and headed off to Morocco for a summer of adventure and learning. While an unbelievably short amount of time, the learning that occurred is immeasurable. Alone and barely equipped to articulate the nation’s language, I became to understand the kind of person I truly am, the values that I treasure, as well as the things in life that bring me true happiness and joy: hospitality, friendship, family, a connection to a higher power, compassion, and love -- these are the things that matter to me most.


Michaela o'connor


Every holiday since I could hold a pencil, my mom has asked for a handmade drawing as a gift. It is from her that I learned to appreciate the immeasurable power of art. Today, even when traveling alone, an artist's eye guides my exploration of the world. I seek beauty in everything I see. My own work aims to capture art's extraordinary ability to transform one's thoughts, emotions, and creativity. It is my hope that, through art's transformative powers, language and cultural barriers can be bridged. One of five children, food and family have an extraordinary influence on how I see the world.


Strengthening Local Communities

Our Mission



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CSA supports local farmers, environmentally sound agricultural practices, and seasonal eating.

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Weston Table supports Boston Marathon runners in their efforts to fight cancer. These efforts support the health & well-being of all Americans.

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A national reach with a grass roots local campaign, this organization seeks a cure for Crohn's disease.

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No better way to level the opportunity set for urban youth than to teach them in & out of the classroom.


We seek to strengthen communities by identifying and offering support to organizations with effective and innovative leadership, and extraordinary results driven track records.

Dianne O'Connor, Founder & CEO