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Our Story


Founded in 2014, Weston Table is a marketplace elevating the way people shop in store and online. Our award-winning approach combines beautiful imagery and unexpected content alongside an extraordinary collection of goods that elevates living, giving, and entertaining. We believe in emboldening people to shop with intention and to make meaningful purchases. Weston Table is a craftsman to consumer, get to know the story, visually-rich marketplace presented in a lifestyle format that includes travel experiences and food centric entertaining. Recognizing the need for an alternative to the hurried necessity and formulaic shopping experience found online, we have a vision for your online shopping experience that is rich in inspiration and real-life content. Our market is a reflection of our belief that we should shop the way we want to live: with intention, with meaning, and with heart. We were founded on the belief that to live our best lives we must be thoughtful, curious consumers that make value-based decisions.


Our mission is to elevate the online shopping experience by delivering an engaging and sublimely designed online marketplace for the conscious consumer that showcases provenance, authenticity, artisanal quality, creativity, and a bit of inspirational wow.


Our Market

We support craftsman-to-consumer choice in which artisans, family-owned workshops, and manufacturers remain in a position to strengthen their local communities. We are confident that you will love our online guest experience in which beauty, function, and life values align.

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Our Journeys

Our journeys are reflections of the importance of place in our lives. There are times when we all need a personal time-out, an escape from the cold or the pressures of daily life. There are also times when the heart needs to explore intensely the unknown in order to find something we believe to be missing. Little more than a desire for good old-fashioned fun is also worthy of a getaway. A change of venue, even from comfort of an armchair, sparks the imagination, and as the late, great adventurer Anthony Bourdain noted, “leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body”. Go ahead, pack your bag (or not). We are confident you will enjoy our adventures.

Our Recipes

Food is the great culture connector. It makes indelible marks on our memories. At once shared to express love for friends and family, it has also been used as a peace offering. Food remains the gateway to healthy minds and bodies and the foundation for a life well-lived. Our inspiration for sharing recipes is rooted in firm recognition that elevated living, giving, and entertaining starts with a repertoire of meals that most everyone will enjoy.

our team


Dianne O’Connor

Founder & CEO

With roots in Big Sky country, a Lone Star higher education, a Beantown investment advisory career, and journeys across five continents with five children, I made the bold move to combine my business savvy with a passion for living, giving, and entertaining.

Recognizing the need for an alternative to the hurried necessity and uniform shopping experience found on big box sites, my vision emerged for an online shopping experience that is rich in inspiration and real-life content. I believe shopping online should be an entertaining, mindful experience that immerses people into a world filled with beauty, possibilities, and purpose.


Kate Arnold

Vice President & Creative Director

I discovered my eye for photography on a life-changing trip to Croatia. I fell in love with the ability to perfectly capture a moment - from a beautifully plated meal to a friend experiencing a breathtaking view.

In my role as Creative Director, I am largely responsible for bringing Weston Table’s lifestyle point of view to life through beautiful photography and unique styling.

Weston Table values of empowering women, sustainability, and supporting local communities are aligned with my own. When I’m not working, I serve as an executive board member for two non-profit organizations that support women impacted by breast cancer and those affected by Parkinson’s Disease.


Alice Obas

IT & User Experience Manager

Traveling has always been my heart's desire. In the summer of 2016, I packed two suitcases, an English to Arabic dictionary, and a journal and headed off to Morocco for a summer of adventure and learning. While an unbelievably short amount of time, the learning that occurred is immeasurable. Alone and barely equipped to articulate the nation’s language, I began to understand the kind of person I truly am, the values that I treasure, as well as the things in life that bring me true happiness and joy: hospitality, friendship, family, a connection to a higher power, compassion, and love -- these are the things that matter to me most and are the reasons behind my decision to contribute to Weston Table and its values based marketplace.

Alice studied at Oxford College and earned a BA in psychology from Williams College.


Michaela O’Connor

Social Media & Creative

Every holiday since I could hold a pencil, my mom has asked for a handmade drawing as a gift. It is from her that I learned to appreciate the immeasurable power of art. Today, even when traveling alone, an artist's eye guides my exploration of the world. I seek beauty in everything I see. My own work aims to capture art's extraordinary ability to transform one's thoughts, emotions, and creativity. It is my hope that, through art's transformative powers, language and cultural barriers can be bridged. One of five children, food and family have an extraordinary influence on how I see the world and the creativity associated with Weston Table’s social media content and brand position.

Michaela is a current Williams College student.

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