Weston Table Kale Salad Recipe Shared in Siena Farms Newsletter

Weston Table featured in Siena Farms Newsletter

A couple of weeks ago, CSA member Dianne O'Connor wrote to say that, she'd made a batch of kale salad for her family, but ended up snacking it gone, because it turned out to be that tasty! The recipe she put together was inspired by a salad she had enjoyed at Cinquecento, in the South End.

She immediately posted the recipe to her blog, and shared the link with us. The recipe calls for Tuscan kale, but Dianne assured me that any variety of nice kale would work.


The recipe also calls for truffle honey, but if you don't have any on hand, Dianne assured me that any variety of honey will be fine (of course, the truffle honey does "elevate" the dish). Truffle honey is available at Weston Table, Whole Foods, Wasiks, and Fromaggio Kitchen.

Thank you, Dianne!